£75 per Canoe


1 Day /13.7 miles /5 locks


Children 12 yrs upwards


Mid week


Free Parking Options


Suitable Adults/ capable children


Middle/Hard category



A decent length for Adults & Families with older Children

This route is 14 miles – so will involve some serious paddling.

Ideally suited for adults and children over about 12 years who want to cover some miles in a day.

We’ll launch at the grass triangle opposite the French Horn where there is free public parking near by on Mill Road. If you plan ahead, you can leave your car at our Base at Bisham, Marlow, where you will exit at the end of your journey. 


You have the otions to experience St Patick’s Stream – a narrow stream that leads to below shiplake lock – for the more adventurous  – and the beautiful easy  Hennerton back water as an option and the famous Henley Regatta stretch and finish up on the lazy waters beyond Hambledon to Temple. 

There are places to stop for a drink or ice cream at Wargrave, Henley, and further downstream at Hurley. 

We estimate a paddling time of between 5-6.5 hours.

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*There are a couple of days in the year when we cannot use our base due to various reasons. You will be informed at the time of booking, and we will launch from Marlow Slipway on such occasions. 

For Same Day Bookings

Call 01491 520002