Moose Canoe Hire is the home of river fun, adventure and relaxation.
Our rental boats are stable, safe, clean and comfortable.

We love the river and we will do our very best to offer you the best service & experience – Guaranteed!


FREE Onsite Parking

At Our Marlow Base

Our Canoes and Stand Up Paddle Boards for Rent

Moose Canoes are all high Quality Boats made in the USA and fully CE Rated.

We selected them because of their stability, quality and comfort. 

Most Canadian Canoes have hard wooden bench seats and require extra buoyancy – which is not great people who are new to canoeing. 
we have built in buoyancy in to our comfortable, moulded seats.  Also included is a place to store keys and a compartment to keep some clothes and dry. 

Our canoes can easily be carried by two adults should the need ever arise. 

We’ll supply a paddle for everyone who wants one and every one must wear at least a 50N bouyancy aid, which we will fit you with before you get on the water.

Customers can also hire waterproof bags from us on request. 

Our boats can easily take three adults and 2 adults and 2 small children. 


The youngest age for a child to come in a boat is 5 years – we are not insured for 5 and under – sorry!


Moose Sups are inflatable.

If you hire from our Base at Bisham – with free onsite parking – we will have them pumped up and ready for you!

Our Paddle Boards are inflated to 15psi – making them become as solid as a hard board.

They are stable, and sturdy and easy to stick under your arm and carry across the locks.

With a deep single fin, they keep their direction well and it helps to track in the water is there is some wind.

Our boards have a section where your kit can be stowed on the board – and we can provide dry bags if you require at a small extra cost.

We supply a paddle and a leash and the mandatory buoyancy aid for each paddler.

These are perfect for beginners to learn on and great for cruising the quiet waters of the River Thames.

The youngest age for a child to come on our paddle boards is 12 years – we are not insured for 12 and under – sorry!


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Its our mission to help more people to experience the River Thames in an affordable and safe way. Paddling a canoe or a SUP is a fantastic way to enjoy the water.

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