One of the best ways to help your kids appreciate, learn about, and connect with the
environment is through kayaking. Kayaking or canoeing in the River Thames helps kids develop a connection to nature, improve physical fitness and provide a fun, stimulating and educational experience.

Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking has numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits for children, no matter their age. It’s also a great option to safely enjoy being in nature while social distancing. Here are some broadly recognized benefits of introducing your kids to the joys of nature through

Physically Strengthening: Kayaking helps children develop physical strength, coordination, balance and agility while also improving core and upper body strength, stamina and flexibility.

Not only that, but kayaking is also extremely accessible and can be enjoyed by anyone with
basic motor coordination, regardless of age or fitness level.

Mentally Stimulating: Kayaking presents opportunities to practise problem-solving,
decision-making, navigation, navigation and communication. Kids will also have lots of fun
discovering the local wildlife and developing an awareness of the environment.

Emotionally Liberating: Kayaking is a great way to help kids learn to regulate their
emotions, build their confidence and resilience and help manage anxiety and stress. In
addition, everyone can enjoy the calming effects of being on the water, connecting with
nature, and just being present.

Getting Started

Before taking your kids out kayaking, it’s important to consider safety, the right kinds of gear,how to prepare ahead of time and the various environments.


To keep your kids safe, it’s important to adhere to the following:

• Read up on kayaking safety and watch some instructional videos.

• Make sure kids are wearing the right safety gear, such as PFDs, helmets and proper
clothing & shoes.

• Always adhere to local regulations and ensure that the waterway is calm and suitable for
your group.

• If possible, take a kayaking class together to become familiar with the basics of kayaking.


In addition to safety gear, make sure to have the proper gear for kayaking. This includes the
kayaks, paddles and other necessary equipment, such as a spare paddle, first aid kit, bilge
pump, etc.


Before heading out, make sure that both you and your kids are adequately prepared for the
trip. Ensure that everyone is dressed for the weather and has packed all the essential items,
including food, water, layers of clothes, insect repellent and sunscreen.


When taking your kids out kayaking, make sure you choose an environment that is suitable
for their age and experience. This can include river, lake or ocean environments. If you’re just starting out, avoid more challenging whitewater situations.


There’s no doubt that kayaking is a great option to help your kids connect to nature, boost their physical and mental health, and engage them in a fun and safe outdoor activity. By adhering to safety guidelines, choosing the right gear, preparing ahead of time and keeping the environment in mind, the whole family can enjoy a safe and rewarding kayaking experience together.

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