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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You based?

Our base is at the National Sports Centre at Bisham Abbey Marlow.

All customers visiting us here must have booked in advance.

We also operate all along the non-tidal River Thames at various drop-off locations.

More details CLICK HERE

Do You Have Free Parking?

Yes, at our Marlow Base, customers can park cars in the day and over night if required at their own risk. 

The site does have security, but we will not take any liability for cars parked at the location. 

When we meet customers at other sites along the Thames, we can normally suggest places to park, many of them free, but not all. 

Do I Have to Pre-Book?

Yes – we do not accept turn up and hope bookings!

We can accept bookings on the day by phone 01491 520 002 – if we have availability.

Do You Supply Life Jackets?

Yes – everyone who goes in one of our canoes or on a SUP must wear a minimum 50N Buoyancy Aid. We will fit you with these before you get on a boat.

Younger children should wear a 100N Life Jacket (which means the child does not have to be able to swim).

Everyone participating should be able to swim at least 50 metres. 

Can I Book by the Hour or Half Day?

You can, but we will charge you for the day. 

We feel that our pricing is reasonable and affordable and we are set up for people who want to spend a few hours on the river.

All bookings must be pre-booked. 

It involves the same amount of effort from our part to launch and recover/safety brief a boat. 

What Should I Wear?

NO JEANS or heavy cotton or material trousers!

We recommend lightweight clothes and layers and a lightweight waterproof top.

Remember hats and sun glasses and sun cream – even on a duller day, you will catch the sun from the reflection off the water. 

There is a high chance that people on our Paddle Boards will end up in the water, so swimming gear and a spare change of clothes recommended. 

Do we go through Locks?

If you are in a Canadian Canoe we recommend going through the locks locks ar gentle and a fun experience).

You have the option if you are in a Kayak to go in or carry (portage).

Paddle Boards must NOT go in the locks and are easily carried.

We will go though all of this detail in our safety briefing with you on the day. 

Can we bring a picnic?

Of course! If you are hiring open canoes from us, there is plenty of space. 

If you are in a Kayak or on a SUP you will need to bring smaller amounts which can be strapped on the the craft and make sure that everything is water tight. 

We suggest you wash your hands or clean with antibacterial wipes or gel before eating and drinking. 

Will I Fall In?

If you follow our instructions and are renting a canoe or a kayak, you should not fall in!

If you are renting a Stand Up Paddle Board, then the chances are greatly increased and customers should dress and come prepared for the fact that they will.

Do You have a weight limit for customers?

Our boats are CE rated to take a certain amount of combined weight in them and our largest bouyancy aids are a standard XXL size. If we are unable to fit a bouyancy aid on a customer we are unable to let the person paddle in our boats.   

Are there Pubs we can stop off at on the way?

There are 2 pubs in Hurley Village (The Rising Sun and Ye Olde Bell) – about 1.5 hours from us – as short walk from Hurley lock.

Customers can leave boats on the lock and walk from there.
For those looking for a longer paddle, the Flower Pot at Aston is further  upstram and an ealier start is required to get there and back. 


Are there Pubs we can stop off at on the way?

There are 2 pubs in Hurley Village (The Rising Sun and Ye Olde Bell) – about 1.5 hours from us – as short walk from Hurley lock.

Customers can leave boats on the lock and walk from there.
For those looking for a longer paddle, the Flower Pot at Aston is further  upstream and an earlier start is required to get there and back. 


How Far Will I Travel?

It’s hard for us to say exactly due to various factors:
Your strength and fitness, how much kit you have in a boat, which way and the strength of the wind and the stream conditions. 

However, we have factored in to our packages a calculation based on you travelling at 2.5mph – which is 20 minutes per mile and 7 minutes per lock. 

You also need to factor in a ‘phaff’ element – things always take longer than most of us plan for!

We would prefer that you enjoy your day and achieve your goals comfortably!

Can I bring my pet?

No – We’re sorry.

Although we love dogs, we have had several bad experiences where people have brought dogs which are not suited or use to boats and have decided to make it our rule. 

Can I Cancel a Booking?

Yes, we have a cancellation policy that we think is fair.
Please take a look at it in our HIRER TERMS AND CONDTIONS 

What if The Weather is Bad?

Obviously we want you to have a good time, and if the weather is looking terrible, we are happy to discuss you changing to another day if we can accommodate you. 

If there are just showers around, we would expect you to still go out!

If there is thunder and lightening very close by, we recommend that you get off the water and wait 30 minutes after the last lightning. 

Can The Company Cancel a Booking?

Only if the weather or stream conditions are outside our Risk and Insured limits.  Also, we reserve the right to allow anyone access to our boats at our discretion – for things like too much alcohol consumption.

What happens if I am running late?

Just give us a call on the day on 01491 520002 and we will try our best to get things sorted and we can normally accommodate this.
Our cut-off time is 12.45pm – we leave site then. 

Do You Take Deposits?

No, not for general rentals.

We do reserve the right to do so for larger groups and would advise at the booking stage. 

Do You Do Lessons?

No, we just hire our boats.


Are You Insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. Part of this involves us following a few important steps to fall in line with our policy – such as supplying correctly fitting buoyancy aids and running through a quick Safety Demonstration.

We are happy to provide a copy of our insurance if required. 

If we rent our kit to a third party event provider or venue, then we would expect the organizer to insure on their own policy.

Is there Weills Disease in the Thames

The River Thames is much cleaner than it used to be. There is a very slight risk of catching Weill’s disesase.

We recommend that paddlers cover any cuts or abrasions with a waterproof plaster prior to coming on our boats.
Customers are also advised to shower at home if they happen to go in the river, wash hands or wipe with antibacterial sipes of gel before eating and drinking. 

Should a customer experience flu like symtoms shortly after going on the water, they should mention to their GP that they have been on the Thames. 

Can we launch our own SUP's and Canoes with you?

If you are renting from us we do not mind if a couple of people in your party launch their own SUP, Canoe Or Kayak from our site. 

Even those in their own boats MUST wear a suitable flatation device when launching from our base – we can supply £5 per BA per day. 

We do not allow people to launch their own craft if they are not renting with us. We have CCTV and we will follow up with anyone launching without permission. 

What time do I have to finish by?

For our standard day Hire, customers need to return to our base by 5.30 pm.