Hurley Riverside Campsite

For Campsite Customers Only

We have an exclusive agreement with Hurley Riverside Park Campsite to rent our Canoes, SUPs, Kayaks and Waterbike from their Riverside Site. 

We meet and launch your boats from the grass meadow by the river at the campsite

We are able to drop boats to the Campsite for Campsite customers ONLY. Customers are also welcome to book from our base at Bisham Abbey which is about 5 minutes drive.

We strongly recommend that you book in advance online.
Same day bookings are sometimes possible subject to availability, but can only be booked over the phone.

We will meet at the riverside meadow at your agreed time and require that everyone who is going to use our kit attends a safety briefing. 

All kit must be returned by 5.30 pm.

Minimum age for canoes: 4 years
Children can play on SUP’s with strict adult supervision. 

We supply buoyancy aids as a mandatory part of our canoe bookings for each craft, one each for SUP and Mega SUP up to six. 

Extra Buoyancy Aids available to rent for people wanting to play on the water. 

All participants must be supervised at all times by an adult 25 years + 

Moose Canoe and SUP Hire is pleased to be able to exclusively offer Hurley Riverside Park Customers our Canadian canoes, Stand Up Paddle Boards and a Water Bike for hire!

It is recommend that customers paddle up stream towards Hambledon before returning to the site. 

Customers should be dressed appropriately for water based activities, and if going on a Stand Up Paddle Board, expect to go in the river! Canoes are stable when operated properly.

We will provide safety instructions and advice on the day. 

Any questions on the day or in the meantime, call 01491 520002

Click HERE to get all our Terms and Conditions of Hire which we will enforce strictly as safety on the water is of the utmost importance. 

Have a Question? CLICK HERE

For Hurley Riverside Campsite Customers Only
There is no public parking on this site for non-customers. 
All Bookings must be made in advance

Canadian Canoe Hire

£75 Per day

Our Canadian Canoes are really stable and ideal for beginners and experienced paddlers. 

Suitable for up to 3 adults or 2 adults with 2 small children (children sit side by side on the middle seat)  

Minimum age 5 years.  

Need 2 adults to paddle a boat.  

Head upstream towards Henley and take a picnic or stop at the Flowerpot Pub. 

The canoes are to be used for cruising, not as a platform for playing on and when used sensibly it is a dry activity. 

Stand Up Paddle Board Hire

£65 per day

Our Sups are Stable and great for newbies and experienced paddlers.

They can be used to cruise on or as a platform for people to play on.

Any children must be supervised by an adult 25+ years. 

Younger children can play on them, but if you are planning to cruise some distance, the minimum age would be 12 years. 

We supply 1 buoyancy aid per board. Extras are available to book in our system. 

Users should plan to end up in the river!

Mega SUP Hire

£145 per day

Our Mega SUP. 

Suitable for up to 4 adults or up to six people when mixed with children.  

Minimum age 6 years.  

Need 2 adults to be on board.  

The SUP needs to stay in the Hurley Stretch, its not suitable for locks!

Great fun for a day of sun on the river! 

Includes up to six buoyancy aids and paddles

Sit on Top Kayak Hire

£75 Doubles   £  65 Singles

We hire Double and Single Sit on Top Kayaks. 

Any children must be supervised by an adult 25+ years on the water. 

The minimum age in a single is 14 years and 6 years on a double with an adult.  

We supply 1 buoyancy aid per seat. Extras are available to book.

There is space for a picnic at the back of each boat.



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